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About Us

CI is a cloud technology specialist that helps businesses collect, connect and understand their data.

  • Web Applications
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Analytics

With a proven track record of building resilient business applications, We help businesses understand, visualize and learn from their data. Once your data is connected to the cloud, anything is possible :rocket_emoji:

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World class engineering built for the future

Whether you’re in the early days of product-market fit or you’ve just received your next round of funding, we’re here to help you grow.

  • 01 Tailor made solutions

    Unlock powerful insights and improve decision-making with leading-edge data analytics and AI

  • We offer you the flexibility to migrate, build, and optimize apps across hybrid and multicloud environments while minimizing vendor lock-in, leveraging best-in-breed solutions, and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Planet-scale infrastructure delivers the highest level of performance and availability in a secure, sustainable way.


Looking to build something different?

We design an all-in-one solutions for business that can be delivered across all devices without any hassle.


Accelerate business recovery and ensure a better future with solutions that enable hybrid and multi-cloud, generate intelligent insights, and keep your workers connected.

Web Applications

Smooth, fast and lightweight applications built for desktop and mobile.

Data Analytics

Access you data like never before and view insights you never thought possible.

Machine Learning

Leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your workflows.

Data Aggregation

All your data in one place, secured in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.


Got Data?

Book a discovery session with one of our specialist architects to design a tailor made solution around your data.

How do I cloud?

Cloud intelligence has many options for your business needs.

  • Discover our products

    Let us work with you over a discovery session to show you all the possabilites your data has to offer.
    Our team of specialists will work with you to create a tailor made solution for your business needs.

  • We leverage the latest in cloud software to build out all products from proof of concept to production in record time.

  • Modernize traditional applications away from virtual machines and into native containers.

  • Migrate applications from on-premises or other clouds with speed and simplicity, plus built-in testing, rightsizing, and rollback.